In the hectic days after a move, it’s easy to overlook some details. After the dust settles, check to be sure you have taken care of these tasks. Better still, give some of these jobs to older children – like an information scavenger hunt – while you finish unpacking. 

  • Take a tour of the neighborhood to find the nearest hospital, grocery stores, police and fire stations, churches, post office, libraries, parks, neighborhood shopping centers and area malls.
  • Ask your real estate agent or call your Chamber of Commerce or town hall for information on trash pick-up, cable service, emergency services and voter registration.
  • Check delivered mail for forwarding stickers. Send a change- of-address card (available free from your local post office) to each sender who used your old address.
  • Change vehicle registration and drivers' licenses to the new state, if needed, and transfer home and auto insurance policies to a local agent.
    Get referrals for doctors and dentists, and have your records forwarded to them. Also, find a good local veterinarian, if needed.
  • Check out local service providers such as banks, dry cleaners, florists, hair salons, etc.
  • Spend family time talking about the move and monitoring how each member is adjusting

  • Tour the neighborhood.
  • Gather service information.
  • Give notice of your change of address.
  • Focus on cars and drivers.
  • Ask for medical referrals.
  • Explore local shops.
  • Make time to talk.