Some things are best out in the open when buying a home.  Issues you’d like to keep a close secret might be the issue you need to spill first!  It’s important your realtor and your mortgage lender understand some of those sticky situations you feel are best left in the closet. 

Buyers often want to hide a pending divorce since their buying a home with their new significant other.  This is a BIG secret that will cause MAJOR issues and result in a disaster.  Your Realtor can help you through the process so you buy a home without your previous spouse having partial ownership.  The mortgage lender will also be able to combat complications that will result in a pending divorce.  Don’t keep this secret.  Spill before you write an offer.

Love can be bliss and swift! If you decide to make a quick run to the altar be sure to make the announcement to your Realtor and mortgage lender.   This is another secret you don’t want to keep.  The title work, mortgage underwriting and real estate contract will all need to be changed once you are married.  Please don’t wait until the last minute (or after the fact) to make your exciting announcement!

It’s understandable that we all tend to hide those nasty skeletons in our closet like bankruptcy, judgments, short sales, foreclosures and other credit blunders. It’s best to air the laundry with the mortgage lender right up front.  Some of these pesty issues can be cleared up easily or just over a short period of time.  Eventually these issues will come up during the under contract process.  It’s best to deal with them prior to going under contract.     

Surround yourself with professionals to guide you through so you can move on to a brighter tomorrow!  Hire a Realtor and mortgage lender you can trust.  Not just someone you’ve spoken with over the phone.  An actual person you can sit down and talk with confidentially is the best kind of professional.  I think you’ll discover the real estate professional and experienced mortgage lender will be a wealth of knowledge prepared to guide you through the buying process regardless of what secrets you are trying to keep.

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